About the School of Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Nyaribo Misuko

The School of Graduate Studies and Research at KCA University has the broad mandate of facilitating the development, improvement, and advancement of graduate education at the University. It works closely with faculties, schools, and institutes to:

  1. Build frameworks for establishment of quality graduate programs.
  2. Provide institutional support for graduate students, faculty and existing graduate programs.
  3. Maintain a close relationship between Graduate Studies and Research.

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is therefore the arm of the university which is mandated with the task of coordinating graduate programs offered by other schools and faculties in the university. Additionally, it has the onus of coordinating all research activities at the University.

Graduate Study

Graduate Study at KCA University is delivered through carefully designed programs of advanced study, leading to discipline mastery and a deep understanding of related areas. The School of Graduate Studies and Research works in collaboration with the various schools and faculties of the university to ensure that all the needs of graduate students are adequately met. It also offers support to graduate students in the coursework phase of their programs through services such as: registration of newly admitted students; orientation of newly admitted students; processing of applications for academic leave; and resolving, where possible, technical issues in key areas such as examinations, enrollment, and student finance.

Graduate Research

After completing the coursework portion of their program, graduate students at KCA University are required to undertake an independent research project on a topic derived from their area of specialization. The essence of this task is to assist students in developing practical skills on research and scholarship. The support services which the School of Graduate Studies and Research avails to graduate students at the research phase of their study include appointment of supervisors as recommended by schools/faculties hosting the programs, informing students about important milestones and deadlines in the graduate research cycle, resolving disputes between students and their supervisors, organizing dissertation defense (oral examination) meetings, and ensuring that students’ final  dissertations comply with the university’s required formatting standards. The School of Graduate Studies and Research also facilitates several auxiliary events i.e. Seminars, Colloquia, Research Meetings, & conferences to enrich the research experience of graduate students. It is imperative for students to note that management of graduate study is a shared responsibility between the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the various Schools and Faculties. The School of Graduate Studies and Research handles the generic aspects of graduate study, i.e. those functions which are common for all graduate programs; whereas program-specific functions are handled by the respective schools, faculties and institutes.