About the Board of Graduate Studies

About theBoard of Graduate Studies

KCA University offers a wide range of graduate programs in PhD, Masters and Postgraduate diploma levels. The programs are offered on coursework and research basis.  The Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) at KCA University has the broad mandate of facilitating the development, improvement, and advancement of graduate education. SGS is also responsible for formulating and carrying out regular review of the policy framework and regulations for graduate studies. It works closely with schools and departments to:.

  1. Build frameworks for establishment of quality graduate programs.
  2. Provide institutional support for graduate students, faculty and existing graduate programs.
  3. Maintain a close relationship between Graduate Studies and Research Innovation & Outreach Division (RIO).

Student Research Support

KCA university strives to create a vibrant and enabling environment for researchers to push the boundaries of curiosity-driven and innovative research. SGS provides students research support through adopting cutting edge initiatives that provide them with tools and practices that make their research process seamless. Through the university’s intensive research culture our students are exposed to life changing skills and knowledge by our well-grounded senior faculty members.

Our Research Focus Areas

KCA University research strength is closely tied to a theme-based approach in line with our Research, Innovation and Outreach (RIO) division’s strategic plan that leverages knowledge fields and research platforms for the greatest impact. In this way, we aim to ensure that resources are concentrated on relevant research, and research capacity are consolidated and strengthened. Several strategies contribute to this overarching strategy of the University; for example:

  1. By establishing theme-based research priorities and platforms that require new ways of doing research, we make it possible for students and faculty to engage in complex societal and scientific problems.
  2. By bidding and securing, in fields of research, grants and fellowships that provide our students with resources that enhance their research abilities.
  3. Partnerships with industry and governments and regional organizations, generate the possibility for collaboration and industry-sponsored research opportunities.

At the heart of the School of graduate research strategy is the commitment to pursue “research that matters”, i.e. research that addresses complex societal challenges and, in particular, the challenges that are faced by developing regions in the world. Such issues include Business, governance and entrepreneurship, Education and learning, Innovation and technology, Creative economy, Green economy, Natural resources and climate action, among others. The school facilitates several auxiliary events i.e. Seminars, Colloquia, Research Meetings, & conferences to enrich the research experience of our graduate students.