Graduate students are eligible for conferment of their respective Masters and PhD degrees & post-graduate diplomas after successful completion and submission of their research projects. The conferment takes place in a Graduation Ceremony which is usually held at a time and place as may be decided by the University Senate. Once a date for graduation has been set, the University publishes this date and the graduation clearance processes for prospective graduands on its website, social media platforms, and other advertising channels.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all the requisite requirements for graduation are fully met in advance of the anticipated date of graduation. As early as feasible, students who are eligible to graduate should check if their name is appearing in the graduation list & is correctly spelt and whether their academic records are accurate. In case of any anomaly, they should follow the established procedures in seeking rectification.

Students should also familiarize themselves with, and follow all KCA University, school/faculty, and School of Graduate Studies and Research pre-graduation procedures.