Registration & Orientation of Students

After admission, graduate students should get registered for the first year, first trimester units at the School of Graduate studies and Research in the main campus or at the front offices of the respective campuses. In subsequent trimesters, students should register for the units using the online registration portal(URL:

Continuing Students may register for units with prerequisites only if the prerequisite units have been passed. After registration, students are normally issued with (or can generate online) a pro-forma invoice which provides a breakdown of the billing for the current trimester. If a student pays fees before registration, receipting of those fees will be not be possible until after the student has registered for their units for that trimester. Fees for every trimester are usually due on registration. However, the University allows students to make their payments in 3 installments, viz: 50% of the billed amount by the end of the first month of the trimester, 30% of the billed amount by the end of the second month of the trimester, and 20% of the billed amount by the end of the third month of the trimester.

If necessary, students can as well negotiate more flexible pay plans with the KCA University Director of Finance. Students are allowed to sit for their exams only if they have cleared all applicable fees for the trimester or have obtained special clearance from the Director of Finance. Access to University premises is via a biometric check-in system which automatically disallows access to students who have overdue fee arrears.

New Graduate Students Orientation

Orientation for incoming students is normally held within the first week of the trimester of admission. The University has an elaborate orientation program which is designed to help students to settle in and learn all that they need to know about the University and their program of study.