Graduate Assistantship

A. Introduction

Graduate assistants are full-time graduate students who participate in teaching or research, and in exchange receive financial support or mentorship at KCA University.

Other responsibilities offered by graduate assistants include; grading, monitoring, leading lab and/or discussion sessions, offering office hour assistance to students, and other tasks associated with course instruction.

B. Qualifications

To be eligible for appointment as a graduate assistant, a nominee must:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a minimum of second class upper division or an equivalent obtained not more than one year at the time of application.
  2. Be a registered student at KCA university without questionable academic integrity issues.
  3. Be of a good academic standing and making progress towards completion of a graduate degree;
  4. Must remain registered in courses that count toward the graduate degree

C. Selection and Appointment

Assistantship appointments are granted for one year with reappointment depending on performance review